The steering system is an electric hydraulic road dependent steering system with a combined lever for road steering and speed adjustment and also shifts the clutch. Switchable to a time-dependent operating system. Each control system consists of the following components:

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic tank completely constructed with pressure relief valve, electrically operated proportional valves (steering and depth adjustment), sight glass, level switch, return filter, filler cap with vent, wired and connected to a terminal block with numbering, etc.
  • Control unit composed with hydromotor, brake valve, worm gear gearbox, counterflange for cardan shaft and rudder position transmitter
  • Hydraulic pump, to be driven by the PTO of the engine  

Electrical system:

  • Panel to be built into the wheelhouse, completely assembled with, among other things, a combined lever for the road-dependent steering system and road-dependent speed adjustment and also switches the clutch, rudder position indicator, alarm and switches associated with the steering and Schottel rudder propeller, wired and connected to a terminal block with numbering
  • Rudder position feedback (Built on control unit) If desired with space to add an extra potentiometer
  • Road dependent control system works proportionally. This means that become electronically converted a small steering angle is converted into a smooth steering and a large steering angle at a faster steering
  • Time dependent control system does not operate proportionally
  • Local control panel mounted on the relay box. The control system can be switched to the local control panel, for a local time dependent control system incl. rudder angle indicator
  • Speed ​​adjustment, Schraven offers a road dependent electronic speed adjustment for the speed control of the diesel engine/e-motor, a 4-20 mA signal is made available or on request a linear actuator for a diesel engine with a mechanical fuel pump
  • Clutch, Schraven offers a clutch system that allows the clutch to be engaged only at idle speed
  • A standard relay box is required to house the control system and must be mounted in the engine room. It contains the electronics for the road dependent remote control system, speed adjustment, clutch operation and all further controls, alarms for the rudder propeller and electrical system and etc. The control system in the relay box is connected to the numbered terminal blocks
  • Power supply, 24VDC (yard supply)

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