When our father repaired his first Rudderpropellor in 1980, he could not have suspected that so many years later, we would be working for the maritime and offshore industries all over the world. Or the fact that through excellent overhauling and repair, we contribute towards safer and more comfortable shipping. That through modification, we provide for sharply improved Azimuth thrusters and related components. And that with our own, highly appreciated navigator units and control systems, we have given the concept of custom work a new face.


Second generation

We, the second generation, are now continuing the family business with dedication. We aim for sustainable and stable growth, retaining our flexibility and accessibility. Our father’s words: ‘Make sure that you keep the customer happy’ are still our guide in this. That is why we  promise you attention. Attention in all sorts of forms: from interest in your needs and a keen eye for quality to maximum effort in service-provision. That promise forms the basis of all our decisions and contributes towards a good and safe voyage for you.

The Schraven family

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Establishment of Schraven B.V.
Schraven B.V. was founded in 1980 by Mr. W.A.M. Schraven and started as a one-man business with only one single employee. The company was situated in a small boathouse at the industrial park Looveer

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Development through the years
From the start Schraven B.V. is specialized in the delivery, repair and maitenance of rudderpropellers of several types such as SCHOTTEL, JASTRAM, AQUAMASTER and HRP. Through the years we have acquired a wealth of experience about rudderpropellers.



An expanding clientele
Good customer service has always been an integral part of our job and brought us an increasing number of national and international customers from all over the world.

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Nowadays it is a modern company and provides jobs for 35 motivated experts.