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The workplace

"Where enormous equipment impresses us every day. Where exceptional knowledge, advanced technologies and hard work come together. This is the place where we want to be."

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Schraven has the availability of her own (in the year 2020 fully modernized) CNC-machinery department which makes, with the help of a big (cnc operated) cutterbench and several (likewise cnc-operated) lathes and milling machines, almost every modification and preparation possible.

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Customers wishes

To fulfill all the customers wishes, our electrical engineers are able to build several types of electrical (steering) systems. On customer request, we even have the possibility to design and build complete new, never build, systems. In combination with our electrical engineering department, we are able to supply various hydraulic steering systems, both built in navigatorsets as on board of a ship or supplied as separate components. Furthermore we can supply hydraulic systems for winches, cranes etc.

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To provide in all demands and wishes of the customers Schraven has the availability of it's own design and engineering department, in which they, according to the newest CAD-technology, are able to design almost every system and view and simulate the functioning of the designed systems 3-dimensional.