Schraven 5756 Groot

Delivery time

In order to achieve short delivery times our company has a 12.000 square meters storage yard at the industrial park Looveer near the company. Furthermore, we have an additional storage yard of 35.000 square meters with several depots near to Huissen.

Schraven 5740 Groot

Large stock

A ship that is in dock causes delays and is a major cost item. Speed is therefore essential for all production, repairs or service. In order to genuinely guarantee speed, we ensure that we have a very large stock of spare parts. With us, you are just a phone call away from virtually every brand of rudderpropellor, bow thruster, pump-jet or related components. In most cases, the shipping industry anywhere in the world only has to count on the travelling time before we are able to carry out repairs or installations on the spot.