Schottel navigator (NAV)

Every type of vessel, from an inland shipping vessel to a container ship, from a cruise ship to a floating production platform, has its own requirements for its Thruster system. There is also the ship model and sometimes even the skipper which call for special qualifications relating to sailing speed, manoeuvrability, structure or casing.

Schraven has focused on the development of unique navigator sets for every vessel type and model. The long service life of vessels and a highly developed propulsion concept of recent decades mean that production line navigator sets do not always suffice. If that is the case, will you choose a custom navigator set or do you make concessions? We call for the first option. Our flexible navigator sets offer a custom service on all fronts and this gives us an exceptional position. We not only respond to all requirements in relation to sailing speed, positioning, draught, manoeuvrability, capacity and noise levels, but also offer more flexibility in the structure of the unit and are not bound by standard dimensions. Together with you, we determine the layout and modifications that are needed in order to optimise the set. We therefore offer flexibility in the entire structure of the unit, from the hydraulic tank to the power unit and external features. And most important of all, we ensure a longer service life.

To get an impression you can view next timelap film where we show the construction building of a Schraven Navigator. Take a look at our selection of used navigators which we have in stock.