• Protects your propeller from mooring lines, fishing line, plastic, nets, water plants, etc.
  • Less chance of imbalance due to dirt in the propeller.
  • Less chance of dirt between the retaining rings , so no water in the rudder propeller and no oil loss.
  • The blades are serrated, so it also cuts fishing line, etc. They are also made of very high-quality material, which does not rust and stays sharp for a long time. Also, the blades can be exchanged and adjusted separately.

Cost overview:

  • The guide price for a rope cutter is about 15% of a common repair due to dirt in the seals.
  • This includes retaining ring flange adjustment, screw adjustment, blade mounting on the screw and counter blade mounting on the retaining ring flange.
  • For the larger types, the price difference is even greater, 5-10% of such a repair.
  • Any dirt in the propeller can cause the propeller shaft seals to leak. Subsequently, water may enter the rudder propeller and/or oil loss may occur. Water in the rudder propeller causes damage to the bearings and gears, due to corrosion and insufficient lubrication.

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