Are you looking for a powerful, flexible and efficient thruster for your vessel that requires manoeuvrability and adaptability in different navigating conditions? Who knows, this might be the solution.

Retractable Azimuth Thruster
A Retractable Azimuth Thruster, also known as a Height Adjustable Thruster, is a type of propulsion system used on ships and other maritime vehicles. It offers manoeuvrability and flexibility through its ability to rotate 360 degrees and its ability to be fully retracted into the hull of the vessel when not in use. This allows the vessel to sail more efficiently and reduces draught.

A Retractable can be implemented as either a Z-drive or an L-drive, and can be driven hydraulically, electrically or mechanically (diesel engine).
Determining the most suitable drive method and type of Azimuth Thruster depends on several factors, including the type of vessel, operating conditions, available space and desired performance level. It is important to consider the technical requirements and limitations of the specific vessel and application to determine the optimal configuration.


Choosing a Retractable Thruster can offer several advantages in situations where it is necessary to sail with a DP system or reach areas where low water levels prevail. Here are some reasons why people choose a Retractable Thruster in such circumstances:

A Retractable Thruster offers improved manoeuvrability. The retractable nature of the propeller allows it to be retracted when not needed, reducing drag in the water and increasing the vessel's manoeuvrability. This is especially useful when working in tight spaces or performing precise positioning tasks with a dynamic positioning system (DP system).

Draught adjustment
In areas where low water levels prevail, a Retractable Thruster can help adjust the vessel's draft. By retracting the propeller, the vessel can reduce its draft, making it possible to reach shallower waters without

All in all, a Retractable Azimuth Thruster offers a flexible and efficient propulsion solution for vessels requiring manoeuvrability and adaptability in different sailing conditions.

Here you can see the STZ200 Schraven Thruster Z-drive in a Retractable version.
We installed this in the Missisipie Queen in 2023.


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