04 July 2022

Satisfied customer

Last year we delivered this M-Boot 3 and tank bridge to a customer in England. Now, one year later, we have received this picture in which they write that they are still happy with the purchase and that they even want to order more bridge parts.

04 July 2022

VCA Certificate

Today our colleagues are being trained again, so that they can keep their VCA certificate. VCA is a proven program in which various branches in the Dutch industry have bundled their knowledge and experience in the field of safe and healthy work. With this VCA certificate we lay the foundation to get back to work safely and healthy every day.

Dennis Site
09 June 2022

Dennis 25 years working at Schraven BV

Over 25 years ago you came (as a rookie) for an internship and in the meantime you have become an indispensable part of the machining industry! You have worked with many machines and each time you know how to make them your own so that they can produce the most difficult articles ever more efficiently. Dennis, we appreciate your dedication, eagerness to learn and positivity enormously and we hope to develop many beautiful things with you for many years to come. 

02 June 2022

Farewell Toon

This week we say goodbye to a committed colleague. After 24 years working for Schraven B.V. as head of administration, he is now going to pursue his long-cherished dream of running Bed and Breakfast Castle Doornenburg & Restaurant Herberg de Doornenburg. Toon, thank you for your commitment and good luck with your new challenge!

20220408 145810
28 April 2022

Shaft seals

During this job, we replaced all the propeller shaft seals. The propeller shaft seal ensures that it keeps the oil in and the water out. This ensures a good lubricating effect of bearings and gears. It concerned two times Schottel Z-drivea and two times Schottel L-Drive bow thrusters. The ship has been stationary for a while and will be put back into service from a long time.

Pinterest Site
10 March 2022


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03 March 2022

Rolls Royce Thrusters

Wij hebben weer een mooie opdracht afgerond aan boord. Dit keer ging het om de schroefas keerringen van de Rolls Royce 2x AQM 901CRP thrusters. Van Ballegooy Scheepsschroeven heeft de schroeven gerepareerd en alles werkt weer naar behoren. 

07 February 2022

Before and after

See here the result after our inspection work on the 4 thrusters Schottels SCD STP 200. Among other things we checked the propeller shafts for cracks and the oil was changed for the five-yearly inspection. This time Damen Shiprepair Oranjewerf balanced the propellers and the river cruise vessel is ready to sail again.

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